ME 102B Design Expo

ME 102B Design Expo
Important Issues for Design Expo

Invite Your Sponsors!! Friends!! Family Members!!
We will post a time schedule for individual group presentation to the section instructors and professors. The entire group will be expected to be at the presentation at least 10 minutes before your scheduled presentation time in case we are running ahead of schedule, with no exceptions. The rest of the afternoon at least two of the group members must be at their displays to present to other visitors.
We suggest bringing some things of your own: Masking tape, electrical power strips and extension cords.
The set up of the display will usually take more time than anticipated so set-up early. The tables will arrive in a place to be determined by 11:30am and you can start setting up at any time.
At the end of the Expo, plan on cleaning up a bit about 20 minutes.
The post EXPO PARTY will be held right after the expo.