ME 102B Final Report

ME 102B
Important Issues for Final Report

You should have written most parts of the final report. Please modify the previous parts and add new sections to complete the report.
Title Block, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction, Specifications, Concept Generation, Concept Selection, Concept Description, Parameter Analysis, Final Design, Manufacturing Plan : You should modify these sections from Design Review II.
Manufacturing and Test Results: How did you test if your design really works? What are the results?
Discussions: After every design there will always be things that can be done to improve it. Discuss in this section your design. What are the design's strong potints. What are can be done in the future to improve the weak points. Describe in as much as details as possible future modifications and how they may be accomplished.
Conclusion: Wrap up your report by summarizing all the outcomes. This may be the only part that your sponsor reads so make it good. Give a very thorough summary of the problem, your solution and the quality of your solution.
Reference List, Appendixes Modify and improve these sections from your Design Review I report.

All of the following must be completed by May 10

  • 1 copy of final report
  • the mechatronics kit including the DSP chip
  • team evaluations(sealed and signed if you would like to provide inputs): one from each member of the team Form
  • clean work area
  • all books, catalogs, etc. returned to their original place