ME119 Papers

Microelectromechanical Systems

Selected Papers(Tentative)

Paper Authors Title Journal Volume,Page Year
1 L.S. Fan, et al. Integrated Movable Micromechanical Structures for Sensors and Actuators IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices ED-35, 724-730 1988
2 W.C. Tang, et al. Laterally Driven Polysilicon Resonant Microstructures Sensors and Actuators -A Physical Vol. 20, 25-32 1989
3 H. Guckle, et al. A Simple Technique for the Determination of mechanical Strain in Thin Films with Applications to Polysilicon J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 57, pp.1671-1675 1985
3+ L. Lin, A. Pisano and R.T. Howe A Micro Strain Gauge with Mechanical Amplifier IEEE/ASME Journal of MEMS Vol. 6, pp.313-321 1997
4 K.S.J. Pister and R. Fearing Microfabricated Hinges Sensors and Actuators Vol. A33, 249-256 1992
5 J. Comtois and V. Bright Surface Micromachined Thermal Actuator Arrays and Applications Solid-State Sensor and Actuator Workshop, Hilton Head 174-177 1996
6 Fukuta, Y. et al. Microactuated Self-Assembling of 3D Polysilicon Structures with Resahing Technology Proceedings of the 10th Annual Workshop of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems 477-481 1997
7 E. Bassous Fabrication of Novel Three-Dimensional Microstructures by Anisotropic Etching of (100) and (110) Silicon IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices Vol. ED25, 1178-1185 1978
8 C.J. Kim, A.P. Pisano and R.S. Muller Silicon-Processed Overhaning Microgripper J. of Microelectromechanical Systems Vol. 1, 31-36 1992
9 K.E. Peterson Silicon as a Mechanica Material The Proc. of IEEE Vol. 70, 420-457 1982
10 W. Bacher, W. Menz and J. Mohr The LIGA Technique and Its Potential for Microsystems- A Survey IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics Vol. 42, 431-441 1995

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