Microencapsulation Shells for MEMS Packaging


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Table of Contents

Microencapsulation Shells for MEMS Packaging

Presentation Outline

MEMS Packaging

MEMS Packaging Issues

Proposed Approach

MEMS Encapsulation Processes

Integrated Encapsulation Process

Encapsulation Process (1)

Encapsulation Process (2)

Fabrication/Measurement Results

Wafer Bonding Processes


Innovative Approach

Rationale: Versatile

Rationale: Localized Heating

Results - Localized Eutectic Bonding

Results - Localized Fusion Bonding

Results - Localized Solder Bonding

Results - Localized CVD Process

Localized CVD Bonding

CVD Bonding Strength

Step Coverage

Bonding Interface

Cross Sectional View

Silicon Etchant Resistance

CVD Bonding for MEMS Packaging

Preliminary Demonstration



Author: CAEN Keyserver

Email: lwlin@me.berkeley.edu

Home Page: http://www.me.berkeley.edu/~lwlin