Fall 2018
section I

Mechatronics Design


Class Meetings:

Course Descriptions:

Application of principles of mechanics, material science and manufacturing processes to the design of components and complete machines which must meet prescribed functional requirements. Synthesis and analysis of a major machine design project.

Prerequisite: E28, MEC124 (these can not be taken concurrently)

Text Books:


There will be one hands-on project illustrating various aspects of mechanical engineering design and integration. Design and manufacturing are integrated such that the students not only design and analyzed parts but they also build and test their designs. These projects help students gain a deeper understanding of mechanical design, develop critical thinking, and practice team dynamics skills. These provide invaluable experiences for students entering the curriculum and helps prepare them for a changing industrial world. Modern mechanical design may have electronics or computer as part of the control mechanism. Therefore, students are encouraged but not required to have a project that involves electronics, computer and mechanical design. This project require training in the machine shop (1168 Etcheverry Hall), you should complete the machine shop training by the end of the fourth weeks of the semester. To receive this training, you must sign-up at the machine shop. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are trained in order to complete the project on time. Project reports should be well typed and a standard example will be distributed in the class.