Spring 2018

Micro/Nano Mechanical Systems Laboratory


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This hands-on laboratory course focuses on the mechanical engineering principles that underlie the design, fabrication, and operation of micro/nanoscale mechanical systems, including devices made by nanowire/nanotube syntheses; photolithography/soft lithography; and molding processes. Each lab will have different focuses for basic understanding of MEMS/NEMS systems from prototype constructions to experimental testings using mechancial, electrical or optical techniques. Students will work in teams to design, analyze, simulate, fabricate and test their own micro/nanodevices in the final project. Graduate students are required to utilize analytical models and/or numerical simulations (in solid, fluid or other fields) in each lab for in-depth analyses of the MEMS/NEMS systems.

This is a room-share course that will be taught concurrently with ME 138/ME 238. ME 138 and ME 238 will share a common lecture and common laboratory, but project/laboratory assignments for graduate students in ME 238 will be different than those for undergraduate students in ME 138. Compared to the project/laboratory assigned to undergraduates, graduate students taking ME 238 will be given project/laboratory assignments that require modeling of more physically complex systems, and use of more sophisticated computational tools.

Prerequisite: ME119/ME118 are highly recommended but not mandatory

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One final hands-on prototype device/system project.


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