ME138/238 Papers

MEMS and NEMS Laboratory

Selected Papers for Spring 2018 (Tentative)

Paper Authors Title Journal Volume,Page Year
1 Junwen Zhong, Qize Zhong, Xining Zang, Nan Wu, Wenbo Li, Yao Chu, and Liwei Lin Flexible PET/EVA-Based Piezoelectret Generator for Energy Harvesting in Harsh Environments Nano Energy Vol. 37, pp. 268-274 2017
1.1 Junwen Zhong, Qize Zhong, Fengru Fan, Yan Zhang, Sihong Wang, Bin Hu, Zhong Lin Wang, Jun Zhou Finger typing driven triboelectric nanogenerator and its use for instantaneously lighting up LEDs Nano Energy Vol. 2, pp. 491-497 2013
1.2 Junwen Zhong, Hongli Zhu, Qize Zhong, Jiaqi Dai, Wenbo Li, Soo-Hwan Jang, Yonggang Yao, Doug Henderson, Qiyi Hu, Liangbing Hu, and Jun Zhou Self-Powered Human-Interactive Transparent Nanopaper Systems ACS Nano Vol. 9, pp. 7399-7406 2015
2 Mingjing Qi, Yangsheng Zhu, Zhiwei Liu, Xiaoyong Zhang, Xiaojun Yan, and Liwei Lin A Fast-moving Electrostatic Crawling Inset Proceedings of 30th IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conference pp. 761-764 2017
2.1 Xiaojun Yan, Mingjin Qi, Liwei Lin An Autonomous Impact Resonator with Metal Beam between a Pair of Parallel-plate Electrodes Sensors and Actautors A - Physical Vol. 199, 366-371 2013
3 Jian Lin, et al. Laser-induced Porous Graphene Films from Commercial Polymers Nature Communications Vol. 5, 5714 2014
3.1 K.S. Novoselov, A.K. Geim et al. Electric Field Effect in Atomically Thin Carbon Films Science Vol. 306, pp. 666-669 2004
4 J Wang, et al. Atomistic simulations of the shear strength and sliding mechanisms of copper–niobium interfaces Acta Materialia Vol. 56, pp.3109-3119 2008
4.1 J. Schiotz, et al. Softening of nanocrystalline metalsat verysmall grain sizes Nature Vol. 391, pp. 561-563 1998
4.2 Niels Hansen Hall-Petch relation and boundary strengthening Scripta Materialia Vol. 51, pp. 801-806 2004
4.3 J. Wang, et al. Atomistic Modeling of the Interaction of Glide Dislocations with weak interfaces Acta Materialia Vol. 56, pp. 5685-5693 2008
MD1 Ju Li Basic Molecular Dynamics Handbook of Materials Modeling pp. 565-588 2005
MD2 Saman Alavi, Donald L. Thompson Molecular Dynamics Simulations for the Melting of Aluminum Nanoparticles J. Phys. Chem. A Vol. 110, pp. 1518-1523 2006
MD3 Yong Zhang and Edward J. Maginn A Comparison of Methods for Melting Point Calculation using olecular Dynamics Simulations Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 136, 144116 2012
MD4 V.S. Krasnikov and A. E. Mayer Melting of Aluminum with Ideal or Defect Lattice: Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Accounting of Electronic Heat Conductivity J. Phys. Conf. Ser. Vol. 774, 012016 2016
5 C. Glick, et al. Rapid assembly of multilayer microfluidic structures via 3D-printed transfer molding and bonding Microsystems & Nanoengineering Vol. 2, 16063 2016

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