Pressure Sensor Optimization
Developed by Yen-Wen Lu

              A simulation program implemented by CAD architecture for optimizing pressure piezoresistance transducer (PRT) is demonstrated in this paper. It can provide two major considerations, on-linearity and temperature  effects, in  PRT design. Users can improve the PRT performance by these predicted analysis results and tuning the related parameters. The simulation, at the mean time,  is compared with experiment. Those verify the viability of this PRTCAD. Please be patient for the simulation results on the square shape diaphragms. It generally takes about 20 minutes to reach one simulation (100 points) for the design optimization plot. Moreover, the users should change the parameters, including physical dimensions and mechanical properties according to their own design and manufacturing processes. The development of this program is under the support of NSF award, CMS-0096003.

Screen Shot
CAD Architecture
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